Amy is a Multidisciplinary Designer, an Illustrator, and a Dream Maker.

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"I enjoy being a designer, because I love the interaction with people and the process of brainstorming with professionals in different fields."

Amy is a web creator, UI/UX designer, graphic designer and an illustrator from Taiwan and is currently living and studying in San Francisco.

Adobe Creative Suite
Motion Graphic
Visual Hierarchy & Branding
Animal Lover
Latte Art Learner
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1. Thinking

Design is not just about the visual. I know it’s a cliche to say that, but I totally agree with that. Before starting any design, I listen and search for why it has to be designed first. Knowing the needs of the design helps me make a better design strategy.

2. Design

I love design only less than my family, friends and my pet. I think I am not a nature-born genius designer, but I do try my best to polish and conquer myself year by year. I am experienced with a diversity of design specializations but currently target web and UI/UX design.

3. Coding

I know HTML5/CSS3 and JavaScript. I'm on my way to learning languages like Objective-C and C++, but most of time I use languages for building websites. I also have some experience with jQuery and Drupal.

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